Dumbell for Rabbit Enrichment : –

Fabricated with complete AISU SS304 quality material, including removable bottom tray for refuse disposal, spot welded wire grid floor, food hopper, and bottle holder with bottle and siphon tube and data label holder. Size -Floor area-4.5 sq.ft, Height-14 inches. Nest size 23 x 8 x 12 inches (L x B x H) with close knit mesh on floor and sides.

As per your specification & size

Specification: SS316. Wire mesh of 14swg. Drinker,feeders,waterer and faecal tray in each tier with a space difference of 8 cm below each tier. The cages should be trolley mounted.

Dimensions of single tier:

Breadth= 60 cm; Height = 60 cm

14 g steel wire mesh of size 2.5 x 5 cm on top & sides. And 16 g steel wire mesh of size 1 x 1 cm for floors

Door: Double door on each tier in front.

L = 45 ern, Ht = 35 cm ,-
Space between 2 doors = 60 cm , ! Faecal trays with two handles. L= 147 cm, Breadth = 57 cm, Ht = 6 cm I
Feeders: A removable bucket shaped linear feeder on rear side of the cage.

L= 150 em ,width at top = 16 cm, width at bottom= 3 cm Inner ht.= 11 cm outer ht.= 12 cm with 1 cm tip inwards to reduce feed wastage.

A gap of 7cm is to be provided at a height of 15 cm from cage floor on rear side for feeding.

Drinkers: Two removable PVCdrinkers of standard quality to be provided on either side of the cage in each tier .A gap of 7 cm is to be provided at a ht.of 15 cm from cage floor on sides.