Y-Maze Apparatus : Semi Automatic :-

It ‘s for the study of shock – motivated brightness discrimination response in small animals, i.e., Rats. Three removable sunmica lined chambers arranged in Y- shape connected to a central chamber. Each arm has a working dimension of approx. 30 x 15 x 15cms., with chamber light, cue light, grill charge indicator, rat presence indicator, removable central dividing door and hinged top. The central portion containing wire – grill. Separate stimulus and control unit with approx. 5 meter long leads. The control unit has a replica of the Y-Maze with facility of indication of the conditions of each chamber. A pre-programmed rotary switch, which controls the experimental procedure, including cue light visual stimulus and shock stimulus, facilitates conduct of an experiment without disturbing the animal. Operates off 220 Volts A.C. only.

Y-Maze :-

Simple type made of Acrylic Sheet