Small Animal Anaesthesia Machine (Desktop style)

The Small Animal Anaesthesia Machine R510IP is designed for safe, simple, and controllable inhalation Isoflurane anaesthesia for rats, small rodents, etc. It includes vaporizer and flowmeter, connectors and tubes, no disturbance by the change of flow, temperature, and pressure. It can manage short-term and long-term controllable and precise anaesthesia volume, within 2 minutes the animal can come to alive once stops the anaesthesia. Open mask and professional ventilator can work with this Anaesthesia Machine.


  • Automatic temperature compensation
  • Coiled pipe design to ensue output gas not affect by pressure
  • Precise regulation ensures the accuracy of output.
  • Full lock equipment prevents unexpected drug volatilization
  • Easy-to-view inhalation/exhalation valves allow clearly monitoring usage
  • Simple inhalation device is convenient to operate
  • Simple flip lever locking mechanism to easily seal the absorber canister
  • Available for use with rat, mouse, rabbit, hamster, guinea pig and other species
  • Non-rebreathing anaesthetic delivery system
  • Precise oxygen flow meter in 0-1000ml/min
  • Simple inhalation device, with capacity ≥260ml,
  • concentration 0-5%, automatic temperature compensation.

Optional Five channels Flowmeter, able to conduct research of 5 animals at the same time