Transparent Polycarbonate Mice Cage

Cage Body

  • Fully Transparent Body.
  • The specialty of this cage is the end user can
  • watch the activities of Animal from outside
  • without touching the cage which is very
  • Useful in Experimental Science.
  • Autoclavable at 121 C temperature
  • and pressure 15 LB/ Sq inch.
  • Food Grade quality material

Electro Polish Stainless Steel Top grill–

  • AISI 304 quality stainless steel material.
  •  Provision for fixing water bottle.
  • Provision for Feed Pallets.
  •  With two hooks for fixing the grill to the top of the body of cage.
  • Welded on a frame of 4mm SS Rod.
  •  With gap between the wires will be 5mm.

Water Bottle–

  • Unbreakable, Autoclavable at 121 C.
  • Food Grade quality Polypropylene.
  • Capacity 300 ml.
  • With Neoprene Rubber cork.
  • With 304 quality stainless steel Nozzle.

Polycarbonate Mice cage Size: 290 x 220 x 140mm  

Product /Product Code Size Floor Area Sq.Cn.
Transparent Polycarbonate  Mice Cage

Product Code No. VT/PC/290/MC


290 x 220 x 140mm  



Transparent Polycarbonate  Rat Cage

Product Code No. VT/PC/410/RT


410 x 282 x 150mm



Transparent Polycarbonate  Rat Cage

Product Code No. VT/PC/421/RT


421 x 290 x 190mm